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The Top 10 most beautiful beaches you need to see

Emma Femminile

Are you looking for your next holidays destination ? Dreaming about the perfect beach ? Then read this article and get inspired by our Top 10 most beautiful beaches. At the end of it, you will only want one thing : pack and go there straight away !

Matira Beach on Bora Bora island, French Polynesia

Of course, you have heard about Bora Bora and French Polynesia, and that is for a good reason. You will find there some of the most beautiful beaches you can dream of. Blue sky, white sand, crystal clear water, and peace. You might never want to leave !

Also, Matira Beach is the most famous beach of Tahiti, due to its long size and tropical atmosphere. While enjoying your swim, you will be able to admire the crazy landscape. One of the best memories of your life, for sure !

Matira Beach bora bora

Anse Lazio on Praslin island, Seychelles

If you have always been dreaming about the Seychelles, then go to Anse Lazio, on Praslin island. Huge boulders, beautiful trees, warm water and fine pink-ish sand are waiting for you.

The good point is that you will be able to swim peacefully, as the reef protects this beach from the waves.

beach Seychelles

Saint Barts

Welcome to the Caribbeans, welcome to Saint Barts, one of our favorite holiday places ! If you like fine food, getting pampered in a nice spa, enjoying quiet beaches, then you will definitely fall in love with Saint Barts, just as we did.

And, did we mention you will get to experience the French chic cuisine and atmosphere ?

For the occasion, don't forget to pack our Saint Barts dress to be 100% ready !

st barts beach

Fraser Island, Australia

Australia has so many wonderful secrets, and so many nice beaches. Yet, Fraser Island was a true love at first sight. Its incredible landscape even got it listed at the World-Heritage !

Indeed, while some of you will spend hours in the crystal clear water, swimming or paddling, others will love hiking around in the incredible rainforest that offers the island, on about 640 square miles.

There is just so much to enjoy on Fraser Island, we really encourage you to pass by and fall in love...

fraser island

Honokalani Beach on Maui island, Hawaii

For sure, Hawaii had to be in this Top 10, and especially Maui. This famous island will offer you incredible beach with black lava sand. Yes, from volcanos. How unique, right ?

Honokalani Beach offers a real quiet and peaceful haven with turquoise water. You will also enjoy the vegetation, creating a wild, untouched nature atmosphere that will surround you.

Our advice : don't forget your camera, even though it might never reflect the true beauty of this place...

Honokalani Beach

La Chiva on Vieques island, Puerto Rico

If Puerto Rico already evokes dreamy beaches, wait to discover La Chiva. This long beach offers a true and quiet paradise in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

You will without a doubt be amazed by the wonderful colors and the silence. Indeed, La Chiva requires you to pass through bumpy road and therefore not a lot of tourists go there. The perfect place for a nap in paradise !

Puerto Rico Beach

Trunk Bay on the Virgin Islands, US

Still in the Caribeean, the Virgin Islands deserve their reputation. And one of our favorite beaches is in Trunk Bay, where you will enjoy snorkeling and walking around the green scenery.

The bonus ? You will find some shade to relax and avoid the hot hours.

trunk bay

Lopes Mendes on Ilha Grande island, Brazil

Brazil has a lot to offers, may it be cultural or landscape wise. Also, if you have the opportunity to go to Ilha Grande, we warmly recommend you the Lopes Mendes beach. The landscape seems so untouched that you might feel like Robinson Crusoe, on your own desert island.

Enjoy the crystalline water an the almond and palm trees surrounding the beach, and don't forget to bring your favorite book to read in the shade. Indeed, Lopes Mendes is completely free of any bar, restaurant or anything, which makes its complete charm.

Also, you will need to plan your small trip to get there. Drive to Angra dos Reis, where you will be able to take a ferry and then a taxi-boat before arriving to the rainforest that hides this wonder.

Lopes Mendes beach Brazil

Barnes Bay, Anguilla

Last but not least, Barnes Bay in Anguilla. You are not really into rocky beaches and pointy shells ? You will love Barnes Bay and its soft, fine sand.

And if you feel like being treating like a princess, go to the Viceroy resort and get yourself pampered ! 

Barnes Bay beach

Ready for your next holidays ? We're excited for you. Now don't forget to pack a good sunscreen and our Kelly kaftan to protect you from the sun ! Enjoy x

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